2006 News Story

Saudi Arabian Airlines hires 24 disabled Saudis

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) has hired 24 young disabled Saudis with high school degrees to work in the airline’s catering unit, the Arab News reported today.

Vice President for Catering Shawqi Mushtaq said that SAA continuously seeks to assist for people with special needs.

“This is in line with the efforts made by the government to offer this segment of our society with more care, encouragement to be active and develop themselves and raise awareness of their disabilities and ways of prevention. In addition, it creates a positive stand on how to relate to this important section of our community,” said Mushtaq, as quoted in the Arab News.

Four of the Saudis prepare and organize the items for the in-flight sales cart; eight prepare the newspapers and magazines, first aid kit and gifts for first and business class passengers; four are office assistants; and eight are involved in food preparation.
Mushtaq said that the airline would continue to attract more Saudis with special needs in their other departments depending on their mental and physical abilities.