2005 Public Statement

Shura Council statement condemning London bombings and killing of Egypt’s envoy in Iraq
At its regular meeting on July 10, 2005, the Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) condemned the bombings in London and the killilng of Egypt's envoy in Iraq, and issued the following statement:

Praise be to God, and prayer and peace upon His last Prophet. 
The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) has been following the bombings that took place in London last Thursday, which resulted in the killing of dozens of people and injuries to hundreds of others, of diverse nationalities and religions, terrorizing the peaceful and bringing destruction to various properties and achievements.

The Shura Council condemns these sinful bombings and all criminal operations that aim to spread destruction, sabotage, killing, and intimidation; to sow fear and panic among the peaceful; and to spread strife and aggression, whether by individuals or organizations or countries.  These are aggressive acts which are denounced by religions and normal ethics: they are in contradiction to human values and traditions; and emerging only from sick souls, are perpetrated by immoral persons who are devoid of justice, mercy and true religious beliefs.

The Shura Council has similarly been following the incident of the kidnapping and subsequent killing of the chief of the diplomatic mission of Egypt in Iraq, Dr. Ehab Al-Sharif.  The Council denounces this criminal act committed by the kidnappers, which is in contradiction to the teachings of Islam and diverges from all values and traditions.  The Council stresses that such horrible acts can only add to the tension and trouble in this sister country and prolong its occupation.

The Council calls upon all Iraqis to have a one voice and to unite their ranks, so they can deny those who seek to disperse the ranks and create enmities among the sons of the same country.  As the Council denounces these dreadful and horrendous bombings, it calls upon the international community, governments, institutions and nations, to stand firm against these evil acts of terror that target humanity as a whole and aim to spread mischief on earth and to propagate chaos and terror in all societies.

The Shura Council praises the efforts of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has suffered from the plight of terrorism, and the efforts exerted by the governments of other countries, in combating and eradicating the phenomenon of terrorism and in uprooting its causes.  The Council calls upon all parliaments and popular organizations in the world to support these efforts, since terrorism has become a global phenomenon that is not deterred by borders, nations, gender or religion.  Cooperation is essential and crucial to combat terrorism.

In this respect, based on the principles of Islamic Shari’ah and the foundation on which the Kingdom stands, the Shura Council denounces all attempts, from any party, to attribute these aggressive acts to Islam, which is a religion of equality, compassion and peace, and confirm the innocence of this religion in respect of these wicked and abnormal acts, which it prohibits and which it considers to be major sins and a way to spread mischief in the land.

The Shura Council expresses sincere condolences to the family of the Ambassador, and to the government and people of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and prays that God will protect everyone from the evils of conspirators and those with malice in their hearts, and turn their scheming against them.