2005 Speech

Crown Prince Abdullah's address at 1425 Hajj reception

Address at pilgrim reception in Mina for 1425 Hajj

by Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard
Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz



In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful; peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

Brothers and sisters, pilgrims of the Holy Mosque:
Peace and blessings be upon you. I congratulate you on the occasion of completing the rituals of Hajj with ease and comfort, thanks to God Almighty who granted you the ability to stand at these holy places; through this you have stressed the eternal message of Islam and its call for tolerance, peace and solidarity, and have enhanced your feeling of being part of the community [ummah] that has been designated as guide to all peoples.

My brothers, guests of God:
Each year, I have contemplated these great crowds which come from all parts of the world, and I come out with the fact that hope still hinges on our community [ummah] renewing its commitment to overcome its disunity and disorder. This united purpose is visible in what we see during Hajj, where pilgrims, through their gathering based on faith and tolerance, set an example to Muslim leaders that the unity of the ummah is close, embodied in the message of Hajj where hopes and ends unite, and where bridges of dialogue are extended towards other Muslims and the world at large.

My brothers, guests of God:
Your gathering calls on me to address, through you, other Muslim leaders, calling them, with the aid of our faith in God Almighty and then in our ummah, to overcome this state of disunity, and continue our historic mission. Whenever I feel the pain, dear brothers, over the status of our ummah, Hajj restores to me the hope that its soil will bear anew the seeds of renaissance and unity.

From the plateau of sacred Mina, it is my pleasure to call on my brothers, the Muslim leaders, to hold a meeting to discuss issues of joint work and unity.

I hereby entreat Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawy, whose country is the current rotating head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to call on its Secretary-General Dr. Akmal Al-Dein Ihsan Oglo to take steps to arrange for such a meeting. And I hope that prior to the meeting, ummah thinkers and senior Islamic scholars [ulama] will hold meetings to exchange views on the current status and delineate their views on the prospects for the future of the Muslim community. This will definitely help its leaders during the summit meeting which I propose to be held here in this sacred place.

It is an invitation to confront the self and to look for the commonalities amongst us, to close ranks and enhance unity; an invitation sent by your brother, whose concerns are your concerns and whose grief is also your grief, and who shares with you your hopes and faith in God Almighty.

I pray to God Almighty that He accept from pilgrims their hajj, forgive their sins, and grant them safe passage home to their loved ones and countries.

Peace and blessings be upon you.