2005 News Story

OIC foreign ministers unanimously approve agenda for summit

Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) last night concluded their preparatory meeting for the extraordinary summit that begins in Makkah today.

The ministers unanimously approved the items on the agenda for the summit. These items included three documents: a ten-year strategic action plan that is intended to confront the challenges faced by OIC nations; the Makkah Declaration, which provides a general picture of the current situation in OIC countries and the hopes and aspirations of the Islamic nation; and a draft of the summit’s final communiqué.

In remarks following the meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal stressed the summit’s importance. “The Summit is an extraordinary one, preparation for it was also extraordinary and the manner in which problems will be tackled will also be extraordinary,” he said.

Prince Saud remarked that he hopes that the summit would meet the aspirations of the Islamic nation, and that Muslims would feel that the summit is tackling their problems.
The minister denied that the ten-year action plan is a road map for Islamic cooperation, saying that it is a ten-year plan that is up for renewal within five years. He also denied that some countries had issued a proposal to postpone discussion of the action plan to future meetings.

Concerning Libya’s participation in the summit, Prince Saud said that he expects the Libyan foreign minister to attend.