2005 News Story

Third day of terrorism conference concludes with unanimity

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, in his press briefing tonight at the conclusion of the third day of the Counter-Terrorism International Conference being held in Riyadh, announced that all four workshops had completed their tasks and referred their recommendations to tomorrow’s plenary session, which will issue the final communiqué. The participants, he said, were unanimous in their agreement on the threat to all human societies of terrorist acts, and on the necessity to confront it through consolidated international effort, since terrorism transcends borders, religions, nationalities and races.

In response to a question, Prince Saud confirmed that Saudi Arabia will present details of its proposal for the establishment of an international center for combating terrorism. One of the many benefits to the Kingdom of hosting the conference, he commented, is the personal contact between Saudi participants and those invited from overseas, reflecting the fact that cooperation in the fight against terrorism has already begun. Asked if the proposal will be submitted to the United Nations, Prince Saud concurred, saying this had been requested by many of the conference participants.

Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, who has been heading the Saudi delegation to the conference, gave a keynote speech today in which he stressed the importance of setting up such a center to help organize anti-terrorism efforts worldwide.