2005 News Story

Tourism taking off in the Kingdom

Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission for Tourism (SCT) Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz has announced that SCT is in the process of establishing a project to deal with security in the tourist sector, studying factors that might threaten the growth of this vital industry and how to train security personnel for the tourist industry. SCT has already launched a program to create jobs for Saudis in the tourism sector, and plans to have about 1.5 million employees within the next 20 years. Prince Sultan stressed that arrangements are being made to include Saudi women in this program. 

STC is also undertaking a cooperative marketing program for tourism. Arrangements are being made for the establishment of an investment company for tourism, based in Jeddah, covering a wide range of activities such us hotel construction, transportation, and catering services, and offering domestic package tours. Also planned is investment in remote areas such as the Farasan Islands in the southern Red Sea.

In a related move, three more academies for tourism studies are to be established in different parts of the Kingdom, one of them in Makkah.