2005 News Story

Maaden plans giant phosphate plant in northern Saudi Arabia

The Saudi mining company ‘Maaden’ today received the final report of the bankable feasibility study for a fertilizer complex that will have the largest fully-integrated di-ammonium phosphate (dap) plant in the world. The project, valued at U.S. $1.9 billion, will exploit the phosphate deposit at Al-Jalamid in the north of Saudi Arabia. The processing plant will be located at Ras Az-Zawr, on the Arabian Gulf. Start-up is planned for late 2008. 

The feasibility study was carried out by the Saudi Arabian Phosphates Consortium (SAPC), a group comprising of SNC-Lavalin Europe BV Branch and Delta Catalytic Saudi Arabia Ltd., of the Jacobs Engineering Group. Output from Al-Jalamid is estimated at 4.5 million tons per year (dry basis) of phosphate concentrate, with reserves in excess of the 20-year life of the project.