2005 News Story

Population of Riyadh City remains at well over four million

A study conducted by the Higher Authority for the Development of Riyadh has revealed that by the end of 1425 H (February 10, 2005), the population of the city of Riyadh, inclusive of the neighborhoods of Dir'iyah, Irqa and Hayer, was 4,260,000. This reflects a growth rate over the past eight years of 4.2 percent, as compared to 8.1 percent over the previous eight years. The study attributed this decline to a drop in migration to Riyadh from other parts of the Kingdom.

Saudi nationals accounted for 2,800,000 (66 percent) of the population of Riyadh city, with 1,460,000 non-Saudis (34 percent). Males constituted 53 percent of the Saudi population (1,480,500), with females 47 percent (1,391,000). Of the non-Saudi population, there were 918,400 males (63 percent) and 541,600 females (37 percent).

By age, the Saudi population shows 34 percent under 15 years old, and 56 percent under 20 years old. Thirty percent of the Saudi population is between 21 and 40 years old, and only 14 percent over 40 years old. For non-Saudis, 30 percent are under 20, 54 percent are between 21 and 40, and 16 percent are over 40.