2005 News Story

Prince Nayef in Sudan to sign security agreements

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz arrived yesterday in Khartoum, where he will sign two agreements with the Republic of the Sudan on fighting terrorism and extraditing criminals. At a press conference today, he commented on the good reputation of those Sudanese who reside in the Kingdom, and praised their sincerity, high morals, and dedication to work.

On the issue of terrorism, Prince Nayef reiterated the fact that Islam is a religion of peace that respects human life, and urged correct education of young people. Intensive efforts are needed, he said, to uproot terrorism. Referring to the 1998 Arab agreement on combating terrorism, he called on the Arab media to make ordinary people acquainted with it. He commented on the positive outcome of the recent counter-terrorism conference in Riyadh, and said its recommendations should be carried out, including Crown Prince Abdullah’s proposal for a counter-terrorism center.

Yesterday, Prince Nayef met with Saudi students who are pursuing academic studies in Sudanese universities.