2005 News Story

Results of municipal elections in Madinah

The supervisory committee for the municipal elections in Madinah Province today announced the names of the successful candidates for the City of Madinah. The total number of candidates in the province was 733, including 369 for the city itself. The number of registered voters who turned out at the polling centers was 25,823 in Madinah City, out of a total of 44,378 who voted throughout the province. This reflects a turnout of 74 percent of registered voters.

The seven new members of the municipal council for the City of Madinah are: in the first precinct, Abdullah Mohammed Yahya Al-Sheikh, with 4,305 votes; in the second, Abdulaziz Ali Hamad Al-Wukeisi, with 3,908 votes; in the third, Dr Hamza Zuheir Hafiz, with 3,751 votes; in the fourth, Abdulmuhsin bin Nigheimish Al-Ahmadi, with 5,723 votes; in the fifth, Dr Mohammed Saeed Falih Al-Mighamisi, with 5,901 votes; in the sixth, Dr Salah Suleiman Ayed Al-Raddadi, with 3,792 votes; and in the seventh, Mohammed Abdulaziz Saad Al-Ahmadi, with 6,720 votes.