2005 News Story

New NSHR volunteers to help defend Gitmo detainees

National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) has approved a group of volunteers to help defend Guantanamo prisoners, NSHR President Bandar Al-Hajjar told Arab News in an interview published today.

The NSHR volunteers include four lawyers who are participating in the defense of detainees held by the US in Guantanamo, Cuba.  “We need their experience in this case to support the society's new committee that aims to defend the Guantanamo prisoners soon," Al-Hajjar told Arab News.

NSHR currently operates four centers in the Kingdom and expects to expand their offices and serves to as many people as possible throughout the Kingdom.  Al-Hajjar stressed the importance of increasing the role of the NSHR and its branches as well as spreading awareness among people about human rights.  Talal Kusti, one of the new NSHR volunteers from Jeddah, told Arab News that this role work with the media to spread awareness about various issues concerning human rights.  "As volunteer members, our role will be mostly to create awareness and educate people," he said. "We have to listen to people and guide them to ensure their rights are fully protected."