2005 News Story

Interior Ministry issues new list of wanted terrorists

The Ministry of Interior has issued a new most-wanted list, naming 36 militants wanted by the security forces in connection with terrorist incidents, and urging them to surrender to the authorities. Most of those named are Saudi nationals; there are seven non-Saudis. It is believed that more than half of the 36 are currently outside the Kingdom.

[See: complete list of names]


As with the list of 26 published on December 6, 2003, the Ministry calls on all citizens and residents to report information they may have about any of the wanted suspects, giving assurances that all such reports will be kept secret. Financial rewards of up to SR 7 million [U.S.$1.9 million] are offered for information leading to the arrest of any wanted suspect, the dismantling of any terrorist cell or the prevention of a terrorist act.