2005 News Story

Fruitful meeting in Sana’a of OIC foreign ministers

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Nizar Madani, as he left Sana’a today after attending the 32nd foreign ministers session of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), described the meeting as one the most successful and fruitful ever held. At the closing ceremony, Yemen's Foreign Minister Dr. Abu-Bakr Al-Garbi called on OIC’s 57 member states to implement the meeting’s recommendations, and welcomed the observer status granted to Russia for the session.

The final communiqué reported that the meeting had dealt with a large number of issues of concern to the Muslim World. These included the Middle East peace process; support for Syria to retake the Golan Heights, and for Lebanon to restore its sovereignty; the issue of weapons of mass destruction; representation of Islamic states in the United Nation's Security Council; support for peace between India and Pakistan, and peace in the Sudan; the pro-election situation in Afghanistan; the Turkish Cyprus issue; occupation concerns in Azerbaijan and Armenia; and the situation in Iraq, Somalia, and Kashmir.