2005 News Story

Militant leader Aloafi confirmed dead in Madinah raid

The Ministry of Interior has issued a statement saying that early this morning security forces launched a number of surprise attacks in Riyadh and in Madinah targeting a number of hideouts where members of the deviant group were suspected of having taking refuge. The raids resulted in the arrest of a number of suspects and the death of two of them. One of two suspects killed in Madinah has been positively identified as Salih Mohammad Awadallah Alalawy Aloafi, who was #14 on the list of 26 most-wanted issued on December 6, 2003. Only two on that list are now uncounted for. Also killed during the raids was one of the security officers, Lance-Corporal Muhammad bin Moawadh Al-Shamani Al-Harbi, for whom funeral prayers have been held at the Prophet's Mosque, led by Governor of Madinah Province Prince Moqrin bin Abdulaziz. 


In Madinah, there were six locations targeted, all near the Prophet’s Mosque. In the course of the raids, security forces arrested nine militants. On approaching the sixth location, where three suspects were hiding, passers-by as well as security officers came under heavy fire. Two of the three were killed and the third was wounded and arrested. In the firefight, an expatriate was seriously injured while a security officer received minor injuries. One of the two killed was positively identified as Salih Mohammad Awadallah Alalawy Aloafi.

Simultaneously in Riyadh security forces pursued a suspect into a residential area in the north of the city. The location was surrounded, and a warning issued to those inside. One person surrendered to the security officers, who then came under heavy fire. Following the firefight, the location was cleared, and human remains were found, the result of an explosion. It is unclear how many bodies are involved, and identification measures are being conducted. One security officer was slightly injured in this incident.

In both Riyadh and Madinah, weapons, explosives, and incriminating documents were found.