2005 News Story

Prince Saud attends Cairo meeting of Arab foreign ministers

Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal arrived in Cairo today on a visit to the Republic of Egypt. During his visit, Prince Saud will lead the Kingdom's delegation to the meeting of the foreign ministers of the League of Arab States. At a press conference, Prince Saud confirmed that the Kingdom had presented to the Arab League a draft resolution concerning support for the Saudi proposal for the establishment of an international counter-terrorism center, a proposal that is being taken to the upcoming United Nations General Assembly.

To a question on raising the level of Arab diplomatic representation in Iraq, Prince Saud said Saudi Arabia is concerned about this, and noted that no political obstacle faces the sending of a Saudi ambassador to Baghdad. He added, however, that there are still security obstacles. When these are removed, the Saudi Embassy in Baghdad will be opened. Meanwhile, an Iraqi ambassador is expected to arrive in Riyadh in the near future.