2005 News Story

Prince Khalid honors Air Force pilots

Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation for Military Affairs, today attended a reception held at the King Abdulaziz Air Base in Dhahran in honor of Saudi pilots who have recently taken part in the Red Flag exercise held in the U.S. state of Nevada.  Prince Lieutenant General Abdulrahman bin Fahd Al-Faisal, Commander of the Royal Saudi Air Forces, was present at the event.  Addressing the gathering, Prince Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman said some 150 Saudi air forces personnel and officers were the first Arab military personnel to take part in the renowned U.S. air exercise along together with representatives of several leading countries in the field of air control.  Saudi pilots executed 84 air flights over 24 days, the prince said.  Prince Khalid paid tribute to the officers who successfully and skillfully piloted the planes.  He recalled that a Saudi pilot ranked first in an air exercise recently held in the United Arab Emirates.