2005 News Story

Cabinet: Agriculture, Israel-Palestine, Iraq

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz presided over the regular Cabinet session on Monday. He stressed the importance of supporting the agricultural sector so that it realizes its role in ensuring food security, and underscored the importance of the provincial governors’ responsibilities.

On international issues, the Cabinet condemned Israeli practices against the Palestinian people, and urged the international community shoulder its responsibility in this matter. On Iraq, the Cabinet expressed its hope that Iraq would be capable of ensuring its security, stability and unity and that it would reassume its role on the Arab, Islamic and international arena.

On domestic issues, the Cabinet approved changing the name of a national commission dealing with children’s issues, and set out the responsibilities and organization of the newly-named commission. The Cabinet also approved an integrated system for managing waste in Gulf Cooperation Council member states as well as government personnel appointments.