2005 News Story

Saudi Arabia hosts TNR event on free trade

On November 10, Saudi Arabia hosted a panel discussion by The New Republic titled “The Future of Free Trade” in Boston. In his opening remarks at the event, Director of Information at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Nail Al-Jubeir remarked that Saudi Arabia welcomes entry into the World Trade Organization, because it opens up Saudi markets and encourages reform to accept international standards. Saudi Arabia also expects entry into the WTO to increase transparency that will lead to more trade and investment in the Kingdom, Al-Jubeir said.

Panels focused on a variety of free trade issues, including recent failures of free-trade negotiations such as those at Cancun, Doha and the Summit of the Americas and the prospects for future negotiations; and the importance of global markets to local businesses and real-world challenges that companies face when they’re exporting their products and services internationally.


Transcript of event