2004 Speech

Saudi Leaders’ address to Muslims for 1424 Eid Al-Adha
Full text of address by King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha 1424, read on their behalf on Saudi radio and television by Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Fuad Al-Farsi

God Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: Remember we made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety, and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer.” [Baqara, 2:125]
Dear pilgrims:
Peace be on you, and we would like to greet you from this Holy Place. We wish you success in the performance of your rituals; and that God Almighty will bestow his bounties on you, and you return safely to your countries with your Hajj accepted and your sins forgiven. On the ninth day of this month of Dhul-Hijjah, you ascended to Arafat in accordance with the Sunnah (teachings of the Prophet), proceeded from Arafat to Muzdalifah, and then returned to Mina to complete there the remaining rituals of Hajj.
Dear Brothers:
God Almighty has honored the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with service to the Holy Places, Makkah and Madinah. The Kingdom has been shouldering its responsibility in this respect, mobilizing its potentialities and sparing no effort in the service of the pilgrims, enabling them to perform their rituals in comfort and ease. The Kingdom is determined to proceed along the path of serving the House of God Almighty and the Mosque of the Prophet as well as pilgrims and visitors to all the Holy Places. The Kingdom does so because of its desire to please God Almighty and follow the path of the Prophet and the venerable forefathers.

Brothers in Islam:
Hajj, which has specific rituals, is performed at a certain time, and embodies great meanings. The contemporary situation of Muslims and the difficult circumstances they are facing, make it an essential matter to take into account these great meanings.
Dear Brothers:
Our religion is a creed and a way of life. In the Holy Qur’an God Almighty says: "No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it. It is sent down, one full wisdom, worthy of all praise."[Fussilat, 42]
The Muslim therefore lives a balanced life, and behaves properly. This balance determines the conduct of the Muslim with himself and with relatives, with his brothers in religion, and with other people, as well as with the universe. God Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: “Those who avoid the greater sins and indecencies, and when they are angry, even then forgive.” and “Those who respond to their Lord, and establish regular prayer, who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation” and “who spend out of what we bestow on them.[Shura, 37]
So Muslims should avoid all forms of sin and bad behavior, and should be honest and sincere. This ethical behavior will enable them to treat others properly, benevolently and fruitfully.
The relation of Muslims with their brothers in religion should be based on consultation and cooperation in a way that is of benefit to all. Muslims should refrain from anything that may harm other Muslims, and at the same time be desirous of benefiting other Muslims. The Holy Qur’an says: “The believers are but a single brotherhood.” [Hujarat, 10]
And our Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, says: “One Muslim is the brother of another Muslim.” This brotherhood leads a Muslim to prevent a brother in Islam from perpetrating injustice, because God Almighty abhors injustice.
On a broader scope, Islam shows Muslims how to behave with others in various circumstances. Islam believes that all human beings are the creation of God Almighty. As Islam advocates justice and the avoidance of injustice, a Muslim should treat all people kindly and wish them well.
As regards the relation of Muslims to the Universe, they should be contemplative. God Almighty says: “Behold in the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the alternation of the night and the day, in the sailing of the ships through the ocean for the profit of mankind, in the rain which Allah sends down from skies, and the life which he gives therewith.”  [Baqara, 1:64]
The relation of the Muslim to the Universe is based on the fact that God Almighty has ordered him to build up the Earth, and warned him against any form of corruption. So the Muslim should perform this great mission in a manner that pleases God Almighty.  Muslims should be desirous of promoting stability and prosperity in the world, and should never be selfish, caring only for themselves. These principles determine the proper behavior of the Muslim in all circumstances. The true Muslim should behave positively and live properly in a fruitful manner. God Almighty says: “Hold to forgiveness, command what is right, but turn away from the ignorant.” [A’raf, 199]
Dear Brothers:
We in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia follow the teachings of Islam in our decisions, relations and commitments. This State, since its establishment by King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud, has been adhering to the Islamic Shariah and implementing its rules in all affairs. We follow the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah; our model in this respect is the wise Caliphs, and the venerable forefathers. That is our principle, and we are determined to unwaveringly adhere to it, and in line with that principle we draw up our internal and foreign policies. Accordingly, the Kingdom in its internal affairs adheres to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah, implements Shura [consultation] and justice, urges the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice, and calls for the way of God in a wise and amicable manner.
As regards foreign affairs, the Kingdom desires fruitful contacts and positive dealings with other countries. It is linked to Muslim countries with the bonds of fraternity of Islam, and to other countries of the world with the bonds of love of peace and the principles of mutual respect. In its relations at bilateral, regional, Arab, Islamic and international arenas, the Kingdom is an effective participant.
As regards the Muslim world, the Kingdom is a member of this world, and shares others' good and bad days. The Kingdom unwaveringly works to serve Muslim causes. So the country is among the first to participate in the conferences of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), whether at summit or ministerial levels. Moreover, it is a member of all organs of the OIC, and desires to honor its commitments, and adhere to its resolutions. Subsequently, it gives unlimited support to the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and its development projects in the Muslim World, wishing to enable the IDB to perform its mission in a satisfactory manner and to make a positive contribution to accelerating the progress of development in Muslim countries.
Dear Brothers:
The stance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia concerning the Palestinian problem is inalienable and well-known. Despite all events and developments, the Kingdom is determined to support justice, deploring injustice and those who do unjust acts; it desires the restoration of the usurped territories and implementation of the international resolutions in this respect. Moreover, the Kingdom desires to enhance the pillars of peace, and support initiatives which genuinely aim at the realization of peace in the region. The Kingdom accordingly put forward its peace initiative at the 14th Arab Summit, held in Beirut. This initiative, approved by the Arab Summit, has become an Arab peace initiative, which is regionally and internationally supported.
As regards the Iraqi issue, the Kingdom hopes that the tragic situation of the Iraqi people will come to an end. It hopes that Iraq will restore its sovereignty and play its normal role in the Arab and Islamic arenas. Saudi Arabia has the hope that Iraq will regain its stability, security and prosperity.
The Kingdom commits itself to the principles of its religion as regards its relations with the world, international commitments, and admission to international treaties whether at bilateral or multi-party levels, particularly those that pertain to global development, environmental conservation, human rights, disarmament of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world, and prevention of the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Dear Brothers in Islam:
The entire world, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been harmed by many acts of terror intended to undermine stability, and spread fear and evil. Some of these events have been perpetrated by individuals unfortunately claiming to be Muslims. It is necessary to clarify the position of Islam concerning these events and their perpetrators. These acts, and those who carry them out, are deviant. It is important to oppose them. These acts are a function of false ideas, contrived by individuals who have strayed from the truth, and contradict the teachings of religion.
Terrorism is a form of corruption of the Earth, and a subversive act which displeases God Almighty, His Prophet, and all Muslims. It constitutes an aggression and contradicts the teachings of religion. God Almighty says: “When it is said to him, fear Allah, he is led by arrogance to more crime. Enough for him is hell, and evil bed indeed to lie on.” and “Is he, then, to whom the evil of his conduct is made alluring, so that he looks upon it as good, (equal to one who is rightly guided?). For Allah leaves to stray whom he wills, and guides whom he wills, so let not thy soul be vested in regret for them, for Allah knows well all that they do.” [Baqara, 206]
The Kingdom opposes all forms of terrorism, and is fighting it locally and condemning it internationally, and is working to uproot it and expose its negative impact on society.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adheres strictly to Islam, and has been implementing its rules. The Kingdom's stance in this respect stems from the rule of Islam and its principles. So its stance against terrorism is fundamental.
The Kingdom urges the international community to vigorously confront the menace of terrorism, and supports all peace-loving countries in fighting and uprooting it. A comprehensive plan for combating terrorism by all countries must be implemented so that terrorists will not be allowed to conduct their subversive activities from any territory.
Islam, through its valuable teachings, shows the proper path and paves the way for development and prosperity. Islam is a noble faith, a religion of worship and work. It does not tolerate hatred and malice. God Almighty says: “O mankind, we created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” [Hujarat, 13]
Muslims always advocate peace, stability and prosperity. They are makers of civilization and desire to serve and respect all mankind. God Almighty says: “We have honored the sons of Adam, provided them with transport on land and sea, given them for sustenance things and pure, and conferred on them special favors, above a great part of our creation.” [Bani Israel, 70]
This is the way of Islam and the way of the believers. The Muslims will never be honored and respected except through strict adherence to the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him.
We would like to congratulate all Muslims throughout the world on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, and pray to God Almighty to enhance the pillars of security and stability in Muslim countries, and in other countries. We pray to God Almighty to enable Muslims to unify their ranks and to travel along the right path. We congratulate pilgrims on performing their Hajj rituals, and wish them a safe return home after having a happy stay here.