2004 Press Release

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia responds to New York Sun article
The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC has issued the following statement:

On August 10, 2004, The New York Sun published an article by Daniel Pipes entitled ’The Saudis’ Covert P.R. Campaign’. The article speculates that Saudi Arabia pays five Middle East experts to speak on its behalf as part of a program to educate Americans about U.S./Saudi relations.  This is absolutely not true.

We hope that The New York Sun prints an immediate apology to former Ambassadors Walter Cutler and Richard Murphy, and to Sandra Mackey, Mary Morris and Samer Shehata, people who are devoted to building a greater understanding among the international community.

Neither the government of Saudi Arabia nor any public relations firm compensates these individuals for their activities.  These esteemed experts on Middle East issues speak their own minds and on their own behalf.