2004 Press Release

Crown Prince promotes national dialogue to counter extremism

[Washington, DC] -- The King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue recently concluded its Second National Forum for Intellectual Dialogue. The forum was entitled 'Extremism and Moderation: A Comprehensive Approach'.  Some 60 participants, both men and women, discussed fifteen academic papers prepared by researchers on topics such as "Characteristics of the Extremist Personality" and "The Relationship Between Ruler and Ruled, Rights and Duties of Citizens and Their Relationship with Extremism".

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah emphasized the importance of dialogue when he stated: "I have no doubt that the establishment of the Center and the continuation of dialogue within its boundaries will become a historic achievement that contributes to the creation of a channel for objective expression that would have an effective impact in combating extremism and fostering a pure atmosphere that could give birth to wise positions and illuminating ideas that reject terrorism and terrorist thought."

Following the event, Crown Prince Abdullah hosted a reception on January 3 in honor of the participants, where he stressed the importance of tolerance and moderation in both public and private lives, stating: "Islam advocates moderation."   Crown Prince Abdullah has repeatedly emphasized the need to address the underlying causes of terrorism.  He has stated: "The bullets that kill women and children, terrorize those secure in their safety, and destroy innocent communities, come not only from rifles, but from deviant thoughts and misguided interpretations of our great religion and its noble message." One of the goals of the Kingdom's initiative to promote open dialogue and national debate is the ultimate rejection of extremist ideology.