2004 Press Release

Saudi Arabia's leading religious authority condemns terrorism
Washington DC

Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Ashaikh, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti and Chairman of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, reaffirmed that Islam does not tolerate bloodshed and absolutely prohibits acts of terrorism against Muslims and non-Muslims.

During a lecture in Makkah, Shaikh Al-Ashaikh warned his listeners of the destabilizing effect that terrorism can have on society. Acknowledging that terrorism results from deviant ideas, Shaikh Al-Ashaikh emphasized the importance of educating and protecting the younger generation from such misguided thoughts. He remarked that terrorism is an aberration in a country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because the country lives under Islamic law which forbids violence and terrorism. Shaikh Al-Ashaikh added: “The terror acts which earlier took place in Makkah, Madinah and Riyadh run counter to the teachings of Islam.”

Shaikh Al-Ashaikh has always taken a strong stand against extremism, warning Muslims that extremism and fanaticism lead only to violence and the death of innocent people. “Islam is not a religion of violence. It is a religion of mercy for everyone," stated Shaikh Al-Ashaikh.