2004 Press Release

Saudi authorities kill terrorist on most wanted list

[Washington, DC] -- Saudi security forces have killed Abdulmajeed Mohammad Abdullah Almoneea’, who was on the Kingdom’s list of 26 most-wanted.  Almoneea’ was wanted for issuing edicts promoting bombings and charging people with being infidels.  Authorities have evidence that he participated in killings and enlisted collaborators.

Two other wanted suspects, Abdulhameed bin Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Alyahya and Isam bin Miqbil bin Saqr Alotaibi, were also killed during the confrontation. Alyahya was known for providing safe houses for militants, and Alotaibi had a criminal record. The three men were armed with machine guns and hand grenades, hiding on the second floor of a house in the Al-Nahda district of Riyadh.  Seven security officers were wounded during the encounter.  A search of the house uncovered weapons, ammunition, and documents.

Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan remarked: “Our authorities have succeeded again in hunting down these criminals.  We will continue to track them and the networks that support them.”

Saudi Arabia’s most-wanted list now stands at 10 at large, with 13 killed and three in custody.