2004 Press Release

Crown Prince Abdullah vows to strike terrorists with an iron fist

[Washington, DC] -- Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard, has declared that those who carried out yesterday’s attack  in Yanbu which killed seven and wounded twenty-five others, are part of a deviant group of terrorists, and vowed that the Kingdom will track them down “no matter how long it takes”.

The terrorists, he said yesterday, are part of a cult that has corrupted the true meaning and principles of Islam.  “We should not show any lenience or negligence in dealing with terrorists,” Crown Prince Abdullah said.  The Kingdom “will strike with an iron fist anyone who tries to destabilize its security.”

Crown Prince Abdullah had previously issued a warning to “every misled or misguided person by saying clearly: he who protects or sympathizes with a terrorist is himself a terrorist, and will receive his just punishment.”

The Crown Prince offered his condolences to the families of the victims of the attack and to those who were injured. He praised the security forces that stand alert for our security.