2004 Press Release

Saudi Ambassador Condemns Attacks in Al-Khobar
Vows Kingdom will destroy the terrorists

[Washington, DC] --  Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan today issued the following statement with regard to the terrorist attack in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia:

“The terrorist attack in Al-Khobar , Saudi Arabia, was a cowardly and despicable act of murder.  We grieve for the loss of innocent life and share our deepest condolences with the families of the victims.  These terrorists have no respect for human life and no regard for the principles of Islam.

“The terrorists’ goal is to disrupt the Saudi economy and destabilize our country.  But they will not succeed.  With every desperate act of violence, our effort and resolve to destroy the terrorists only grows.

“Hatred and extremism will not prevail over our people's desire for peace, security and progress.”