2004 Press Release

Saudi official refutes allegations of Kingdom funding Iraqi insurgency
The following comments were made by Adel Al-Jubeir, Foreign Affairs Advisor to Crown Prince Abdullah, in a conference call with journalists on October 22, 2004:

We are disappointed by the statements made to the media by a Pentagon official alleging that “Saudi donors” are providing funds to the Iraqi insurgency and that the Saudi government is neglecting the problem.  Such an allegation is not only irresponsible, but factually incorrect. 

Saudi Arabia is determined to go after the terrorists, those who support them and those who condone their actions.  Our record is clear: we have arrested hundreds of suspects, killed or captured al-Qaeda members in the Kingdom, broken up terror cells, and taken strong measures to ensure that no Saudi funding goes to evil-doers.  Where we have found wrong-doing, we have taken swift and firm action.  And we will continue to do all we can to eradicate this scourge from our midst. 

Saudi Arabia monitors the situation in Iraq very carefully and desires to see the country stabilized, united and at peace.  The last thing we need is increased violence in our region.  We have been proactive in securing our border with Iraq, and we are working with the U.S. to ensure that the same takes place on the Iraqi side of the border.  We have also been firm in dealing with anyone who supports or condones violence, including in Iraq, and have arrested such individuals. 

The U.S. government is fully aware of our firm commitment to fighting evil, and I would suggest that the Pentagon official be better briefed about the Kingdom’s efforts before making allegations about its seriousness in going after terrorists whose objective is to inflict harm on our citizens and residents. 

If the Pentagon official has any evidence that funds from Saudi individuals are reaching the insurgency in Iraq, I would respectfully ask that this evidence be provided to us so we can take firm action to deal with it, and punish those responsible.  We believe that anyone who funds violence in Iraq will likely fund violence in Saudi Arabia, and this is something we will not tolerate.  To allege, therefore, that the Kingdom is neglecting this matter is neither truthful, nor factual.