2004 Press Release

One of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted militants surrenders
Washington DC

One of the men on a list of Saudi Arabia’s 26 most-wanted turned himself over to authorities on Monday.  Osman Hadi Al Maqboul Almardy Alomary is suspected of involvement in terrorist activity and is the second militant to surrender under the terms of an offer that was broadcast on national television last week.

On June 23, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offered those involved in terrorist activity a last opportunity to repent and voluntarily surrender within one month, or face resolute and determined force.  Hours later, Sa’aban bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Lailahi Al-Shihri, who for the past two years had been wanted in a security-related case, became the first militant to accept the offer and surrender to authorities.  Whoever surrenders is assured due process in accordance with Shariah [Islamic Law].

This offer reflects the Kingdom’s absolute commitment and preparedness to fully eradicate the scourge of terrorism using all resources and powers available to it. 

According to Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan: “We have drawn a line in the sand and offered a last chance for those who wish to repent.  We are prepared for total war, and those who do not surrender face certain death.”