2004 Press Releases

December 28, 2004Kingdom to provide $10 million aid to the victims of tsunami
November 07, 2004Prince Bandar comments on armed resistance in Iraq
October 25, 2004Kingdom refutes allegations of Saudi funding for Iraqi insurgents
October 24, 2004Prince Bandar refutes 9-11 commissioner's allegation
October 23, 2004Saudi official refutes allegations of Kingdom funding Iraqi insurgency
October 13, 2004Saudi authorities kill terrorist on most wanted list
September 11, 2004Saudi Arabia sends message on 9-11 anniversary
September 07, 2004Prince Bandar repudiates U.S. Senator's allegations
August 16, 2004Saudi Arabia Pledges $10.7 Million in Aid to Darfur
August 13, 2004Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia responds to New York Sun article
August 13, 2004Saudi Embassy launches new advertising campaign
August 11, 2004Saudi Arabia ready to increase oil production immediately
August 06, 2004Suspect on most wanted list arrested by Saudi authorities
July 27, 2004Foreign Minister comments on 9-11 Commission Report
July 22, 2004Facts about Saudi Arabia in 9-11 Commission report
July 21, 2004Security forces kill two, arrest five in Riyadh shootout
July 20, 2004Embassy personnel meet with Mr. Paul Johnson III
July 14, 2004Prince Bandar affirms Saudi concern for Johnson case
July 14, 2004Saudi Arabia responds to human rights report
July 13, 2004Top Al-Qaeda suspect surrenders to Saudi authorities
July 12, 2004Saudi Arabia nears completion of election plans
July 02, 2004FATF evaluation of Kingdom's mechanisms against terrorist financing
July 02, 2004Saudi security forces kill two terrorists, uncover explosives lab
June 28, 2004One of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted militants surrenders
June 23, 2004King Fahd promises resolute force if militants don’t surrender
June 22, 2004King Fahd vows to fight terrorism and maintain stability
June 20, 2004Saudi Officials: No deal with Bin Laden
June 18, 2004Press release on murder of U.S. hostage Paul Johnson
June 16, 20049-11 Commission: no Saudi government funding of Al-Qaeda
June 15, 2004Saudi Arabia blasts CFR task force report
June 15, 2004Saudi religious scholars promote interfaith peace
June 14, 2004Summary of FATF Report and Conclusions
June 14, 2004G-8 Task Force commends Saudi efforts to combat terror finance
June 13, 2004Saudi Ambassador condemns attacks on Americans in Saudi Arabia
June 10, 2004Saudi Journalists Association elects its board
June 08, 2004Prince Bandar condemns murder of U.S. citizen
June 07, 2004Prince Bandar extends condolences on death of Ronald Reagan
June 07, 2004Fatwa against terrorism and urging public to report suspects
June 03, 2004Kingdom vows to ensure oil market stability
June 02, 2004New charity commission; five Al-Haramain branches sanctioned
May 29, 2004Saudi Ambassador Condemns Attacks in Al-Khobar
May 21, 2004Saudi Ambassador says oil production will increase
May 21, 2004Statement by Saudi Oil Minister Al-Naimi
May 20, 2004Major Saudi privatization Underway
May 20, 2004Saudi Security forces kill four terrorist suspects
May 12, 2004Saudi Ambassador urges not to generalize; condemns Berg murder
May 10, 2004Saudi Ambassador says increase in oil production necessary
May 02, 2004Crown Prince Abdullah vows to strike terrorists with an iron fist
May 01, 2004Saudi Ambassador condemns attacks in Saudi Arabia
April 28, 2004Saudi Arabia ready to invest in new U.S. refineries
April 28, 2004Prince Saud on role of religious establishment against al-Qaeda
April 23, 2004Saudi oil minister says no shortage
April 23, 2004Suspects killed identified as most wanted terrorists
April 21, 2004Saudi Ambassador Responds to Terrorist Act
April 12, 2004Saudi Ambassador Praises Courage of Security Forces
April 07, 2004Saudi Authorities Clash With Suspected Terrorists
March 29, 2004Saudi Ambassador Comments on Senator Lugar's Speech
March 24, 2004Saudi Ambassador comments on 9-11 Commission
March 16, 2004Top terror suspect killed by Saudi security
March 07, 2004First independent human rights organization in Saudi Arabia
March 02, 2004Saudi Arabia Tightens Control on Charity Abroad
February 27, 2004Saudi Arabia open for tourism
February 02, 2004Saudi Arabia's top cleric urges Muslims to reject terrorism
February 02, 2004King and Crown Prince condemn terrorism and promote tolerance
January 30, 2004Kingdom of Saudi Arabia honors fallen security officers
January 28, 2004Leading religious authority condemns terrorism
January 22, 2004Four organizations designated as financiers of terrorism
January 08, 2004Crown Prince promotes national dialogue to counter extremism
January 05, 2004Interior minister urges Arab cooperation to fight terrorism