2004 News Story

Interior minister leaves Iran after conference on Iraq

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz left Iran today after heading the Kingdom’s delegation to the conference in Tehran of interior ministers of the countries neighboring Iraq. The conference’s final statement welcomed all the communiqués previously issued by Iraq's neighboring countries such as those following recent meetings in Cairo and Sharm El-Shaikh that stressed Iraq's sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity, and national unity, and the right of the Iraqi people to enjoy security and stability.

The Tehran conference welcomed all steps taken by the United Nations and the Iraqi interim government to provide the groundwork for all groups, classes and parties to take part in the political process, notably the elections to be held towards the end of January, 2005.

The statement emphasized the need to enhance mutual cooperation on border security and crossing points, expressing commitment to combating the smuggling of goods, drugs, and weapons, and to preventing the cross-border transfer of capital that supports terrorist activities. The ministers condemned terrorist acts targeting civilians, humanitarian and international organizations, foreign workers, and diplomatic missions; deplored the infringement of the sanctity of religious places in Iraq; and expressed their readiness to train and equip Iraqi police and border forces when Iraq requests this. Affirming the positive effect that Iraq's economic development and reconstruction would have, the ministers welcomed the commitment of the Club of Paris to write off Iraq's debts.

The next conference of Iraq’s neighboring countries will be hosted by Turkey.