2004 News Story

Interior Ministry gives overview of recent acts of terrorism

The Ministry of Interior has issued a statement concerning the criminal acts of terrorism that have occurred in the Kingdom recently, declaring that these acts were carried out by individuals following a misguided and deviant ideology, and ignorant of Islamic teachings, which foster tolerance, moderation, and a peaceful call to Islam. The statement went on to note that some of these individuals, realizing that they were wrong, have surrendered to authorities; and cited a number of them attesting to how they were misled, warning against extremist ideas, publications and fatwas [religious rulings], and thanking God for their arrest before they committed a crime and harmed innocent people.

Over the past six months, the statement said, criminal terrorist acts have been aborted by police, many people arrested, and large quantities of ammunition and weapons seized. It put the total weight of explosives confiscated at 23,893 kilograms, noting that in the Al-Muhaya explosion, about 400 kilograms were used. In addition, there were 301 RBG shells, together with launchers; 431 home made grenades, filled with scraps of metal to cause maximum injury; 304 explosive belts, ready for use by suicide bombers; 674 detonators; 1,020 pieces of weaponry, including Kalashnikovs, automatic rifles and pistols; and 352,398 bullets for the different weapons. Also found was a large quantity of diverse communication equipment and computers, ready for use in bombing operations, and materials for the construction and preparation of explosive devices.

The statement stressed the Interior Ministry's determination to eradicate terrorism, urged parents to protect their sons from exploitation by terrorist groups, and called on everyone in Saudi Arabia to cooperate in fighting terrorism and extremism.