2004 News Story

Hajj proceeding without incident

Governor of Makkah Province Prince Abdulmajeed bin Abdulaziz, in his capacity as Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee, today stated that the 1424 Hajj was proceeding without incident, with about one million pilgrims moving successfully from Makkah towards Mina and performing their rituals in comfort, ease, security and safety. He confirmed that there have been no major traffic or security incidents. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health announced that as of this morning, health conditions in Makkah and the holy places are satisfactory, no contagious diseases have been reported, and all preventive measures are running as planned.

Saudi television channels are starting live transmission on Hajj rituals today in addition to the transmission of Hajj news. Saudi radio channels have been broadcasting special programs, interviews and live coverage from the holy places. Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz gave the official figure for pilgrims coming from abroad for this year's Hajj as 1,419,706; of these, 45 percent are female. The total is 16,083 less than last year. Most arrived by air, with 143,436 coming overland, and 23,658 by sea.