2004 News Story

Health ministry gives more details of Mina tragedy

The Ministry of Health has reported that only 47 out of the 244 injured in the tragic incident in Mina yesterday are still hospitalized. They are by nationality, one person from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Morocco, Niger, Somalia, UAE, USA, and Saudi Arabia; two from the United Kingdom; three Sudanese, three Nigerians, four Egyptians; five Turks, five Indians, six Bangladeshis, and eight Pakistanis. Two of the seriously injured have not yet been identified. To the original death toll of 244, seven more have been added. Of the 251 killed, 42 remained unidentified. There is one child among the dead, of whom 133 are men and the rest women.

Also reported were an updated figure of 280 deaths from natural causes over the Hajj season, and 36 traffic accidents, with only minor injuries. There were no epidemics or cases requiring quarantine.