2004 News Story

Four more security officers killed in two separate incidents

The Interior Ministry has announced that early today four officers in a security patrol were killed by unknown gunmen in two separate incidents along the Riyadh-Qasim highway, sparking a hunt that led to the discovery of two booby-trapped vehicles and a car full of weapons. These incidents follow the one that took place in Riyadh’s eastern suburb of Al-Fayha last night.

At 1:20 a.m., when a security patrol, on duty along the Riyadh-Qasim highway, was investigating in the vicinity of a gas station, it became the target of intensive machine-gun fire from an unknown source. Two officers were killed in this attack.
Meanwhile, along the same highway, another patrol was stopped by men pretending to be pedestrians seeking assistance. Upon stopping, the patrol came under machine-gun fire from an unknown source, and both of the officers in the two-man patrol were killed.
Security forces immediately embarked on a search and investigation operation, and it became apparent that there was a group masterminding these criminal incidents. The area was combed, and two booby-trapped trucks packed with explosives were confiscated, in addition to another vehicle loaded with a variety of weapons. The search also led to the discovery of a number of militants’ hideouts. They were arrested, their arms confiscated, and their plans foiled. Details will follow in a subsequent statement.