2004 News Story

Kingdom’s comment on Bush-Sharon announcement on Palestine
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued the following statement:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was surprised by the views and positions presented at the joint press conference between U.S. President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, because these positions, if solidified, will complicate the opportunities for peace and harm the peace process, upon which the international community has placed its hopes and aspirations.  Instead of building on past achievements, which include a number of resolutions and a series of agreements, the views and positions expressed at the press conference threaten to dilute these resolutions and negate previous agreements at a time when all expected positive developments to put the peace process back on track.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believes that positions adopted by the United States have an impact on the chances and opportunities for peace in the region. As a consequence, the Kingdom hopes that positions that undermine the peace process can be avoided, and steps taken to prevent the collapse of the foundations upon which the peace process based, in particular, the fact that no one other than the Palestinians can make compromises on the permanent and just rights of the Palestinian people.