2004 News Story

Shura Council denounces killing of Rantissi

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) issued a statement today strongly denouncing the assassination in Gaza last Saturday of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Rantissi. Chairman Shaikh Dr. Salih bin Abdullah bin Homaid expressed the Council’s regret at the continued killing and destruction perpetrated by the Israeli government in the Palestinian territories, condemning this criminal act and categorically rejecting all excuses and claims by Israel that this kind of killing can be considered an act of self-defense. The assassination, the statement said, is a flagrant act of terrorism that runs counter to all international norms, laws and treaties. The Shura Council called on the international community to stand against the Israeli war machine that is designed to destroy the Palestinian people. Condolences were extended to the family of Dr. Al-Rantissi, the Palestinian people, and all Arabs and Muslims in their loss.