2004 News Story

Majlis Al-Shura urges SR2 billion for scientific research

The Majlis Al-Shura is calling for the allocating SR2 billion to develop and improve science education and research in Saudi Arabia, half of the funding coming from the private sector.  Abdullah Al-Shihri, chairman of the Educational and Scientific Research Affair Committees told the Saudi Gazette daily today. 

“This is a good step for Saudi educational system, (and) it will put the needed lines for the scientific foundations”, said Dr.Abdulaziz Abdulmalik, who is associated with the Earth Science College.  “It will not only be for scientific research, but soon it will include research fields of all kinds.”

Saudi Arabia is attempting to put ato increase the number of scientific studies by encouraging research projects.

According to Jeddah Bio-City, research conducted in Saudi Arabia focuses on bio-technical and environmental research.