2004 News Story

‘Sunnah’ symposium issues recommendations, condemns terrorism

The three-day symposium in Madinah on the Kingdom’s concern for the Sunnah [deeds and sayings] and Hadith [reported deeds] of the Prophet Muhammad ended today with a statement that included a number of recommendations. Calling on all Muslims to adhere to the principles of the Sunnah, the participants recommended that school curricula be developed, technology used, authenticated studies encouraged, and teachers carefully selected, in order to promote correct thinking on the subject; and that a database for the Sunnah and for the Hadith be established, information exchanged between universities, and charitable societies set up that are dedicated to the care of the Sunnah. The statement denounced the terrorist acts that have been carried out in Saudi Arabia by a deviant group, declaring that it is the responsibility of society as a whole to face the situation and caution people about it.