2004 News Story

New web site for the Holy Qur’an

In a move to counter false accusations against Islam and to educate people about what is in the Qur'an, the King Fahd Qur'an Printing Complex in Madinah has launched a website - http://www.qurancomplex.org - that is in English, French, Spanish, Urdu, and Hausa as well as Arabic. Secretary-General of the Complex Dr Muhammad Salem bin Shudaid Al-Aufi explained: "The site contains an electronic copy of the Holy Qur'an with topic search options and the morphology of the words and meanings besides the complete index of the subjects mentioned." The site also provides complete translations and interpretations of the Qur'an in the five other languages, with relevant search options. There are also Qur'anic interpretations prepared by Ibn Jarir, Ibn Katheer, Al-Saadi and Al-Baghwai, in addition to a database on major interpretations and books written about the Qur'an, plus a database of answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, the site offers recordings of the Qur'an by four well-known readers.


The King Fahd Qur’an Printing Complex follows strict quality control in printing the Holy Book. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance ensures that the text is verified by a panel of scholars specializing in various fields of study. The panel is entrusted with the task of proof-reading during the various stages of production including printing, assembling and binding. The Complex is an integrated facility with, apart from the printing press and related administration and warehouse buildings, a mosque, a library, a dispensary, lodgings, and restaurants.