2004 News Story

Saudi commandos free hostages seized by terrorists in Al-Khobar

  Saudi special forces land by helicoptor to rescue Al-Khobar hostages early Sunday morning, May 30, 2004

The Ministry of Interior announced today that Saturday’s terrorist attack in Al-Khobar resulted in the death of 22 people: three Saudis, an American, a Briton, an Egyptian child, three Filipinos, eight Indians, an Italian, a South African, two Sri Lankans, and a Swede; and wounding 25 others.  Most of the injuries are not considered serious.

On Sunday morning, Saudi special forces rescued 41 hostages from the Oasis Residential Resort hotel:  ten Bengalis, a Filipino, 21 Indians, two Jordanians, a Lebanese, a Pakistani, and five Sri Lankans.  On Saturday, Saudi security forces evacuated 201 people from the residential complex:  20 Saudis, 41 Americans, 88 Asians, including 8 Japanese, 34 Europeans, 8 Jordanians, and 10 Lebanese.

During the rescue operation, the leader of the terrorist group was wounded and apprehended.  Security forces are searching for three other terrorists; one of whom was wounded during the rescue operation.  The Ministry of Interior stressed that security authorities will hunt down the terrorists and those who supported them.

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