2004 News Story

King Fahd urges citizen support in fight against terrorism

At today’s Cabinet meeting, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz stressed that crimes such as that perpetrated on Saturday in Al-Khobar will have no effect whatsoever on the Kingdom's unity and status, nor on the strong bond between the people and their leadership: on the contrary, they only further enhance the country’s strength and its resolve to combat terrorism in all its forms.

King Fahd reiterated that Saudi Arabia, its leadership, government and people, will staunchly confront anyone who tries to destabilize the country’s security; and tries to impact negatively its role in the service of Islam and Muslims, its distinguished relations with brotherly and friendly countries, its economic, civil, scientific, and cultural achievements, or the outstanding role it has assumed in the international arena since its foundation. Islam, he affirmed, has nothing to do with these criminal acts, which have no aim other than wreaking havoc on earth and terrorizing innocent people; and went on to praise the bravery of security officers in defending their country and their religion against this deviant group. These acts, he declared, will not discourage the security forces, and urged the citizens to shoulder their own responsibility, namely, to cooperate with the security forces by reporting information on the deviant group, saying: “Each citizen, male and female, is recruited to serve the country in combating this evil. Each official is considered to be a soldier who is obligated to redouble his efforts according to the demands of the situation, and who should be vigilant while carrying out his duties in the service of the nation, its citizens and its residents.”