2004 News Story

Security forces kill two wanted suspects on Taif-Makkah road

The Ministry of Interior has reported that yesterday evening security forces surrounded two wanted suspects in an isolated area of Al-Hada on the Taif-Makkah road. The suspects had been identified as being implicated in the criminal terrorist attack that took place in Al-Khobar on Saturday, information resulting from a security follow-up of the incident. One of them, it was reported, was disguised as a woman. Once surrounded, the suspects started shooting, abandoned their car, and attempted to escape along a mountain slope. They were pursued by security officers and at around 6 a.m. this morning, cornered in a narrow gulley, whereupon they began throwing grenades as well as shooting. Both of them were killed in the shootout; their names are being withheld in the interest of the investigation. No injuries were caused to any of the security officers in the incident.