2004 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah receives Third National Dialogue participants

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, received in Jeddah today participants in the Third National Forum for Intellectual Dialogue held in Madinah June 12-14. They informed the Crown Prince that current issues that need to be addressed include women rights, dissemination of moderate thinking by educational institutions, how to confront campaigns against Islam in the western media, and what religious, social, educational and information institutions can do to defend the faith and the nation.


Crown Prince Abdullah praised the results of the dialogue, and urged more like it. On the issue of terrorism, he said that there are limits to tolerance, with terrorists targeting foreigners and attacking security officers; and commented that the deviant group is instigated by the enemies of Islam in order to create confusion about Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Meanwhile, the Third National Forum for Intellectual Dialogue has issued in Madinah a final communiqué on the topic ‘Woman's Rights, Duties and Education’. Seventy experts took part, half of them women. They discussed women’s legal rights and duties in Islam, and the situation of women and work, education and society. The communiqué called for the establishment of a national commission charged with responsibility for women’s issues and family affairs.