2004 News Story

Kingdom again denies infiltration of Saudi security forces

Director of the Saudi Arabian Information Office at the Embassy in Washington DC, Nail Al-Jubeir, told Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren tonight that Saudi authorities have seen no evidence to justify reports of Al-Qaeda infiltration into Saudi security forces, commenting that Al-Qaeda, with its long history of making false claims in furtherance of its objectives, is seeking to frighten foreign workers, and using propaganda to try to inflate estimates of support in the Kingdom. He added that he finds shocking assertions by U.S. editorial boards that the Kingdom’s religious establishment has not condemned the actions of the terrorists, when in fact those condemnations are exhaustive.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Heather Nauret of ‘The Big Story’, Mr. Al-Jubeir denied that members of Saudi security forces gave Al-Qaeda police uniforms and police cars to help them capture American contractor Paul Johnson, and pointed out that over fifty security officers have been killed in the fight against terrorism in the Kingdom.