2004 News Story

Interior Ministry names militant killed in Makkah incident

The Ministry of Interior has named the militant who was killed in Makkah on Wednesday when he attacked security officers trying to apprehend him. He was Abdulrahman bin Obaid-Allah Al-Harbi, a Saudi national who was wanted for participating in the criminal activities of an extremist group for whom he manufactured explosives and car bombs. He was identified as one of those involved in the incident that took place on June 14, 2003 when the Al-Khaldiyah apartment building in Makkah was stormed by security forces; and he is known to be one of those, together with Nimr bin Sahaj Al-Bogomy, who is now in custody, who fired at the guards of Riyadh’s Al-Muhaya Compound prior to it being attacked by a car-bomb last Ramadan, and to have participated in moving the two explosive-laden vehicles that were discovered by security forces in the area of Al-Rimhiyah.

This information follows a statement yesterday warning media to check with the concerned official sources before publishing any names, in the interest of protecting the rights of individuals as well as ongoing investigations.