2004 News Story

Royal Decree re-forms the Civil Service Commission

A Royal Decree has been issued to re-form the Civil Service Commission for a period of three years, on the expiry of its current term on August 16, 2004. Chairing the Commission will be the Prime Minister, with the Deputy Prime Minister as Deputy Chairman, and as members the Ministers of Civil Service, Finance, Health, Commerce and Industry, and Economy and Planning, plus Minister of State and Cabinet Member Dr Mutlab Al-Nafeesa, together with former Minister of State Madani bin Abdul-Kadir Elaki and Director of King Khaled University Dr Abdullah Al-Rashid.

Minister of Civil Service Muhammad Ali Al-Fayez pointed out that his own membership and those of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaf as Minister of Finance, and Dr Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mani as Minister of Health, together with Dr Mutlab Al-Nafeesa, are being renewed; while Dr Hashim Yamani, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Khalid Al-Quseibi, the Minister of Economy and Planning, are new appointees, as are Dr Madani bin Abdel-Kadir Elaki and Dr Abdullah Al-Rashid.