2004 News Story

OIC calls attention to condition of Palestinians detained in Israel

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has called upon the international community to take stock of the inhumane conditions in which Palestinian detainees are living in Israeli prisons and detention camps; and very strongly condemns the racist pronouncements made by Israel’s Minister of Internal Security in which he expressed indifference to the lives of those who are on hunger strike. The hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners, now in its second week, is to protest the infringement of regulations and the inhumane measures meted out to them by the Israelis, practices that are counter to human dignity and violate their legitimate rights as well as international conventions, mores, charters and laws.

The OIC urged the international community to act quickly by constituting and dispatching committees under United Nations supervision to study these conditions, and by taking the necessary steps to put pressure on Israel to stop the crimes and infringements to which Palestinians are subjected and implement the relevant conventions and charters including the Geneva Convention, which requires that they be treated as prisoners of war.