2004 News Story

Saudi Arabia providing medical aid to Darfur

The Saudi Red Crescent Society has rehabilitated the Al-Zahra Medical Center in El Fasher, as part of the Kingdom’s relief aid to the war-stricken region of Darfur in western Sudan. The Center is now providing free medical services to about 230 patients a day.

Five other Saudi clinics are already operating, in southern as well as northern Darfur. On August 15, Saudi Arabia pledged SR 40 million [U.S. $ 10.7 million] in basic humanitarian aid. Since then, a Saudi medical team has been working in the region, providing urgent health care to the displaced people of Darfur, and five planeloads of relief materials such as foodstuffs, tents and blankets as well as medicine and medical equipment, including ambulances, have been flown in.