2004 News Story

Assailant in Buraidah incident killed after pursuit

The Interior Ministry has issued more details of today’s incident in Buraidah in which a security officer was killed. The slain officer was Yousef bin Ayed Al-Harbi. Three other officers were injured. Security forces had been informed that a car had left a house that was under surveillance in the Al-Khaleej quarter of the city, and two nearby patrols were immediately directed to investigate. Shortly after, while they were still on the way, they came under heavy gunfire from another car, resulting in the officer’s death. After a pursuit through the residential neighborhood, the driver of that car was forced to abandon it, and was killed. He was subsequently identified as being wanted by security authorities. Later, another man involved in the incident was recognized and arrested. Names are being withheld pending investigation.

 The search of the house uncovered a number of items including a Kalashnikov assault rifle, rocket launchers and grenades; ammunition for various weapons; and bombs and chemicals for making explosives.