2004 News Story

Committee set up to supervise Riyadh elections

Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Prince Met’eb bin Abdulaziz has issued directives that a committee be set up to supervise the upcoming municipal elections in Riyadh Province. The committee, affiliated to the Ministry’s general committee for the election process, will supervise implementation of the rules and regulations and all other preparatory and executive works; propose names for members of electoral, sorting and election committees; propose electoral constituents and the manpower necessary for these constituents; supervise candidates’ electoral campaigns; follow up the electoral process and supervise the specialized electoral committees; receive the final results of elections from the specialized committees and submit them to the general committee. Meetings will be held at least once a week, convened by the Chairman.

The committee will be chaired by Mayor of Riyadh Prince Dr Abdulaziz bin Eyaf Al-Meqrin, with as members Dr Abdulrahman Al-AsShaikh, Undersecretary of Riyadh Municipality for Services; Ahmad Al-Tuweijiri, Director-General for Municipal and Rural Affairs in Riyadh Province; Dr Abdullah Al-Mu'eili, Director-General for Boys’ Education in Riyadh Province; Shaikh Fahd Al-Obeikan; Dr Saud Al-Namir; Suleiman Al-Kannas, Secretary of Riyadh Provincial Council; Abdullah Al-Subeyel, Director of Administrative Development at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs; and Lt.-Colonel Abdulkarim Al-Harbi from Riyadh Province’s police department.