2004 News Story

Riyadh City to be enhanced with new road

The Supreme Authority for the Development of the City of Riyadh has completed plans for Prince Abdullah Road as part of its overall strategic plan for the city, which includes attention to green spaces and landscaping of shopping areas for pedestrians. Abdullah Road will be made into a three-lane highway with service roads on each side. Ten tunnels will be added to the existing three, in order to mitigate effects on the environment, reinforce smooth and safe traffic flow, and avoid obstruction of the railway tracks.

It is anticipated that the population of the area under study will reach about 460,000. The capacity of the road is expected to be 216,000 vehicles per day, 168,000 on the highway and 48,000 for service roads. It is also anticipated that the new axis will bring additional income to the city. As part of the plan, there are guidelines governing the height of buildings.